Sycle Practice Management

How much does Sycle cost?

Sycle fee per clinic $139.00 per month (unlimited users)
Satellite clinics (2 days/week or less)$50.00 per month (unlimited users)
Sycle set up fee N/C
Data Import $250.00 per software program
eDocs Pricing is $29 for 20GB per clinic
Counsel Ear $52.50 per clinic/month (25% Discount of market price)
Sycle NOAH One-time startup fee $100 per license conversion and a $250 data migration fee to transfer historical information
Lace online $119 per month for a full time location and $69 per month for part time locations
eClaims One-time startup fee of $199, a one-time fee of $75 per Tax ID, a monthly fee of $32/month, and is $0.37 per claim
Full service Billing 8% of collections or a $700 per month minimum